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  • Haramayngroup Connectivity Is Our Profession

    We created the Haramayn Group platform to assist pilgrims plan their journey in a simple, time efficient and trouble free manner.

  • Haramayngroup The Complete Solution For Businesses

    We created the Haramayn Group platform to assist pilgrims plan their journey in a simple, time efficient and trouble free manner.

  • Haramayngroup We Evolve With You

    Haramayngroup was established with the purpose of improving the quality of services delivered within the Hajj and Umrah field. Throughout adding greater value and excellence, we ensure our clients receive the best care.

  • Haramayngroup Innovative Methods And Products

    Technological advancement with its prominent impact represents great potential to the travel field. It is a key factor opening vast growth opportunities for businesses involved in the travel industry.

    innovation & solutions

    Flight Reservation System

    Using our white label services for flight booking enables your firm to take advantage of our flight reservation system which eases your booking process. Thanks to its inclusive

    Hotel Reservation System

    This system is your chance to make use of our partnerships with well-established hotels. You can use it to make bookings for accommodation. The system enjoys a broad collection where booking hotels of different ranks is made possible.

    Car Rental Reservation System

    This system enables the booking of cars for several purposes. Visitors upon arrival are usually in dire need to suitable vehicles to move through the city. Thanks to this system, It will be much easier for both companies and customers to book cars for transfers.

    Train Reservation System

    Managing operations is a key element for the success of any company. Train reservation system will help you as travel agency or company to better manage your operations by maintaining bookings, your dashboards or even your fare codes.


    Haramayn Group helps the Global Umrah Travel Agents in the following ways: We are one of the biggest travel solutions provider and Agents from around the globe use our system in order to search and book Hajj and Umrah Accommodations for their guests. Haramayn Group is founded with an aim to provide technology IT solutions to travel organisations through its competent team in which people hold more than 20 years of experience in travel industry. Haramayn Group has a team which holds rich experience in the development of user friendly solutions and all our products truly depict the talent of our team. We not only provide the best solutions but also provide the 24/7 support to help and answer all the queries of the clients.

    Computer system in this image

    collaborate with us

    Successful collaborations will get mutual benefits and better income.

    haramayn group is a business platform provides applications websites platforms and services for companies and individuals, we are passionate about new innovations and we believe in sharing technology information and skills, collaborate with us if you want to enhance your work or to step up a new business.
    Travel technology solutions


    Global Umrah Travel Solutions


    Global Umrah Travel Solutions


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    Global Travel Technology Solutions Provider
    Join our journey

    Haramayn group is aware of what is happening in the world of work we are racing to find out how to help business and people grow. The success, growth, profit is our main goal.

    Global Travel Technology Solutions Provider
    Meet new innovations

    In the last few decades life evolve fast, we cannot use the same old ways; new ways have to emerge, Haramayn group purpose is delivering solutions, help different businesses become great.

    Global Travel Technology Solutions Provider
    life is our inspertion

    Life inspires us to keep learning remain motivated and creative, we think beyond technology. Our business module is fully aligned with our partners and customers needs.

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