Up to the mid 90s to choose a hotel or to book a flight or even to get a transfer for your vacation you have to call or email or to visit a travel agency, the agent will have to make call also or email his suppliers to get you what you need and go back with a confirmation, sometimes you won’t get what you wanted due to the availability, and you have to repeat the procedure again by calling or visiting other services providers, nowadays all that struggle vanishes thanks to new innovations and technology , people now can have multiple choices to choose and to book from, you can book a hotel or order a new dress just by one click using your phone or laptop, pay online and also get the confirmation immediately

online reservation system of haramayn group
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An online reservation system is technologies that will do the following, display live availability on your website accept payment from your clients from your own website without requiring any human interaction, give you the opportunity to make your product bookable and update your inventory.

An online reservation system offers the opportunity to expose to new customers and automatically update your record without the need for emails and manually entering the client detail, payment by card will be processed online and the booking confirmed with the guest.

Haramayn group has its own online reservation system where businesses can use for their reservations management. The platform will allow customers to book anytime 24/7 they don’t need to call or email. Which going to make your bookings increase.

Haramayn group reservation system can go aligned with any business so if you have a travel agency a hotel a restaurant a transportation company a clothing company, or any other profession the solution is here. As a business owner you will display your products in the platform add them or change them you will have total control on your work, the platform will help you to check the activities the most demanded products and therefore increase your sales.

Once you have your business set up on the platform you will get a lot of benefits; save money and time, less work more profit, your staff will do more and work less, you don’t have to remind your costumers or follow up with emails, the online reservation system will increase the efficiency of your operations your customers will expect instant gratification, you will be able to do that with few clicks and your customer won’t be told to wait on the phone. Also you will get secure payment method, the ability to reach more customers in the worldwide, you can keep track on your competitors rate. Our reservation system will help you handle the bookings and the date entry