Connectivity Is The Solution

Technology is advancing faster and taking less time to be widely adopted than ever before, we are witnessing extraordinary times. Haramayn Group is one of the best companies that offering the service of developing a travel booking engine for travel agents.

When we take a look back on the internet where it came from and where it’s headed, it’s quite clear how many changes been made in human being life. Haramayn group is very passionate about technology and it works hard to create solutions like travel booking engines to make a day to day living easier and efficient. One of our main business areas is the travel industry, as we know up to the mid-90s people were losing a lot of time and money for the sake of booking a trip or a hotel. To get a booking you should call a travel company or email or visit, the procedure was so tiring, you must wait to get a confirmation for your flight, the same for the hotel and transfer, sometimes you might not find availability and you will have to repeat the procedure with other companies.

travel booking engine
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Haramayn Group Travel Booking Engine

Haramayn group travel booking engine allows travel companies to have their bookable platform where they can display their products. Now they can gather all the services and so many options for travelers to choose from, the travel agent can connect other services suppliers to his platform, then the clients won’t need to open another tab in their browser if they want to book a hotel after booking a flight. They will book that from the same website, thanks to the API technology also known as the application program interface. API has been a niche market in the travel world, for building distributing, and selling.

Haramayn group travel booking engine is the core of the OTAs which integrate with GDSs, wholesalers. We use the API technology to connect you with other suppliers the booking engine checks the availability and study data and process payments the software allows the customer to find cheaper and suitable options also the travel agent can get a commission on every sale you made. The managers and agents will be able to control their platform and how the business operates using the back office, view all bookings, change data, prices.

Combination of Different Platform

Combines different systems in one platform, hold plenty of options where the client can compare prices, filter search result, etc, this is the easiest way to plan a trip without visiting different websites. A successful OTA must depend on the technical side to build a strong business. the inventory Infos about hotels, flights, and cars come to the website from different sources, from the supplier directly or wholesalers the travel should contact these suppliers for good rates and conditions also you should have compliance and accreditation, selling hotels and flights needs accreditation from IATA GDS Amadeus which we guarantee our travel companies will have. After setting up the online platform for your company another crucial aspect has to come which is marketing, to serve in a highly competitive OTA market you have to put efforts to obtain customers, interact with customers’ email campaigns building an SEO strategy. Haramayn group travel booking engine is like opening Pandora’s Box, good things are yet to come.