B2B Travel Booking Portals

Haramayn Group is a leading travel solutions provider; we work with the aim of supplying worldwide travel businesses with online travel solutions and software as a way to facilitate their access into the e-commerce market. We offer services to different travel agents, tour operators and companies aspiring to grow their business and presence in the travel field. Haramayn group offers B2B travel portals development and design services to businesses of small and medium scale, a b2b travel portal is a business to business online platform designed for companies and businesses involved in the Travel/ tourism field, on which they can display the entirety of their services and deals where clients can reach and access easily. Nowadays, clients and travelers no longer feel the need to go around offices and wait in long lines in order to book a trip, not to mention the loads of paperwork , the hours of waiting for a confirmation and the lack of synchronization.

B2B Haramayn Group

The B2B travel constitute a business module for online travel agencies, it is the combination of all needed products for a planned trip; flights , hotels booking , transfers, organized tours, car rental… with these products set within one platform, clients can search through and book in a simple quick process.

Our B2B travel portals serve as a meticulously designed booking engine, comprehensive of all the information and services needed by B2C businesses. They can find the entirety of services related information, everything at one place. Our online B2B travel portals are custom-made with the ability of being integrated with GDS system such as Amadeus, as well as Third Party APIs/XMLs and LCCs. This feature offers the opportunity to improve business efficiency and gain wider exposure within the market.

Integrating the B2B travel portals into APIs can be of great benefit to both clients as well as the company itself; with more information available about either flights, accommodations, transfers, tour packages…

By creating B2B travel portals for clients, Haramayn Group holds a vision of building a better future for travelers and travel companies alike. Our online travel solution represents a revolutionary technology designed on the basis of a long deep understanding of the travel field and created by a group of passionate experienced persons.

Haramayn Group specializes in the design, development and integration of various travel technology softwares including B2B travel portals. Our technical support team consists of dedicated professionals that will ensure to be available 24/7 in order to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your travel portal. Our services are inclusive of diverse businesses of all scales; start-up travel companies, travel agencies, tour operators, Hajj and Umarh operators.

Our clients will benefit from a well designed, feature rich and effortlessly managed platform on which their customers can easily access, search, browse through and book from the wide ranging collection of their travel products.

Haramayn Group B2B travel portals have revolutionized the travel industry by creating a powerful online travel technology solution that simplifies all aspects of the travel industry .